Five Kinds of Silence

The photos from Five Kinds of Silence which I shot on Wednesday will be up on the site in the next few days. This was another challenging low-light production. Exactly of the type that inspired the site’s name! The ISO value was set to a minimum of 2500 but allowed to increase automatically if needed. And it was. Most of the time, with a typical manual exposure of 1/60 at f3.2 the ISO wound itself up to 6400. Even then the histogram suggested under exposure, the effects of which I’m having to deal with in LightRoom. The lighting regimen resolved towards the yellow orange which in several shots I have had to dial down whilst still strongly suggesting the lighting director’s intent. Although the D700’s full frame sensor deals incredibly well in this sort of low light/high ISO situation there was still some noise visible which has been tempered by the much improved NR algorithms in LightRoom 3.

With the action often confined to two or three actors at a time shooting with the 70-200 gave the best coverage. Only at the very end, as the scene opened up to fill the stage, did I have to leap to the back of the auditorium to get sufficient coverage. It was that or
fumble to change lenses. Maybe I need another body …

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