Nativity by Tony Harrison

I have just uploaded the images from the dress rehearsal of The Adult Drama Group Production of Nativity, by Tony Harrison, directed by Jonathan Heron, which I shot at the The Pegasus Theatre in Oxford earlier this week.

The brief was to be as inclusive as possible for the cast members so I shot with a 28-70 zoom to give broader coverage than I usually have. The reduced telephoto zooming was augmented by frequently running backwards and forwards between the second and fourth rows.

This was a low light production (never above 40% full power, I was told) so even with an ISO of 6400 I struggled to get a shutter speed much above 1/80 for many scenes. Then, with the fantastic puppet of the Angel Gabriel appearing up stage in brilliant spots, whilst the shepherds slept under a gentle red wash down stage, we gave the D700’s ability to handle a wide dynamic range a good work out …

As the images were required for the next day I had to do post processing immediately in the theatre on the MacBook. In retrospect I’m fairly pleased with the balance achieved between speed and choice of images and there are fewer than half a dozen images changed between the set presented to the theatre on the night and those included here on Darkling Images. I take that as an endorsement of going with your instinct when choosing images and not over analysing. Diminishing returns set in very quickly.

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