The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

This production had a large cast and made use of all of the Studio space, including the balconies. So you are covering a wide deep area. Sometimes you can move freely from side to side between actors and the front row but as that would have been too obtrusive here I cleared the third row of bags and production team so I had full access. This also gives a slightly raised perspective so many shots are looking down on the action.

It’s still worth moving out to the extreme ends of the stage frequently especially to align actors on stage with those up on the side balconies. Light levels as usual were quite low so there’s limited depth of field as you can see in virtually all the images where the actors are at different distances from the camera.

As befits a production heavy on the cauliflowers there was quite a strong green cast in much of the lighting, this was tempered slightly in post production.

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