Spring Awakening

The round of rehearsal shots from Spring Awakening last week were more challenging than most. The cast were great and brought great energy to the whole thing. No, the challenges lay with the location. The Butterworth Hall in the Warwick Arts Centre, immediately after Winter Graduation. To begin with we had the potted plants being wheeled away. Then there were the diffuse working lights that gave the auto-focus sensors a good work out and finally the return of the front rows of seats as the rehearsal progressed. Those with whom I work know that I tend to shoot in bare feet. I find it more comfortable and can move around silently. On this occasion this contributed the added frisson of danger of having a foot impaled by a freshly returned seat leg as row AA was restored to its rightful location …

On the Darkling Images courses I set the task of shooting promotional pix with minimal lighting and props. Encouraging participants to use what was to hand. There’s a bit of that in this set of images. The rectangular ‘holes’ at the back of the stage shouted out to be exploited and so during the break between acts I talked to Fergus the director and we set up the ‘triptych’ sequence that you can see in the middle rows of page three. At the time of writing I’ve no idea if or how they will get used but the framing potential just had to be incorporated somehow.

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