The Marriage of Figaro

Both the dress rehearsal and an earlier rehearsal session have been made available for viewing on the site. The earlier session was held in the white rehearsal room at IATL on the Warwick campus. The lighting in there tends to the pinky-orange and so the first thing to do is set the camera white balance to a PRE setting based on a reading from one of the white walls. That helps to reduce post processing corrections later on. This is something I’ll try and do even, as here, when the photographs are going to be used in B/W. Get as much as possible correct in camera as you can.

For what you’d think at first glance is a featureless room there is an annoying number of switches, sockets, alarms, vents and now, after a few years of operations, scuff marks on the walls. When post processing to B/W I tended to push the hilites up a bit extra, to just keep a dot in there as those with a bent to photo-lithography might say. This can minimise minor marks, whilst close cropping and careful framing can help to reduce other background distractions. Not in every case of course.

One of the delights of a rehearsal like this is being able to move in and out of the action and achieve angles of view impossible in the dress rehersal. This gives you the potential to get in close and use a wider angle to emphasise a performer in the foreground. It is interesting to compare the effects of this between the two Figaro image sets.

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