Corrupted CF card

As I was downloading the images from the dress rehearsal of Spring
Awakening last night I had my first experience of a corrupted CF card.
A 2GB card wouldn’t mount properly on the Mac desktop nor in
LightRoom. How did it happen? I don’t know. But in hindsight it may
account for why I couldn’t zoom out and view the 9 up previews on the
camera view screen. The camera was struggling to read some of the
files to generate the previews.

This was a Lexar card which is meant to have come with a recovery
program, which I couldn’t find. So, off to the Lexar site to grab a
copy of their IR4 recovery software. An on-line purchase and several
anxious minutes later and it had mounted and read the card directory
and allowed me to recover all but around six of the images.

The moral of this story has two parts. 1. Memory cards can be
corrupted. My policy is to use several smaller capacity cards rather
than I large one. That way if disaster strikes and a card is
unrecoverable then you lose only a subset of your shoot. 2. Formatting
a memory card only clears its directory structure, it doesn’t erase
the contents. I was reminded of this when the recovery software
revealed shots from Dido and Aeneas from 2008, a Miss Julie shoot from
last year and a Formula 1 test day at Silverstone from I remember not

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