Disappearing Trick

The challenge was a common one. How to diminish the unsightly, uneven, everyday elements of the rehearsal room & focus on the drama. Here the action was for How to Disappear Completely & Never Be Found. The technique was to use Sigma’s 85mm f1.4 only just stopped down, and get as close to the actors as possible. Given the theatre in the round (ok, pentagon) layout, that was relatively easy. But, as the action happened in 360 degrees the backgrounds varied from shot to shot. Plain wall one moment, followed by piled up furniture and rounded off by nice reflecting windows. Get in close & crop tightly was the mantra for the evening.

Things were easier for the dress rehearsal in the darkness of the Studio space. I could also move further back and use the 70-200 which for reasons as yet unexplained kept failing to find the focus point. This was so annoying that by the second half I switched to the wider zoom as you’ll probably infer from the more inclusive nature of the later pix. For once I don’t think the focus issue was down to low light. The production was relatively bright, but I don’t think I’ll rename the website just yet.

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