And I And Silence

The challenges faced in covering this production, in The Finborough Theatre in London, were mainly of limited time and slightly restricted viewing angles. The photo opportunity was between the cast’s arrival and the matinee run, with the delaying vagaries of the Central Line thrown in for good measure. So there was no time for a full run through, which would also have been hugely unfair to ask of the brilliant cast. Yet I did not want to treat this like a photo-call with possible repeated sequences until ‘the ‘shot’ was in the can. Instead I wanted the scenes to flow freely with no interruption. The responsibility is then mine to find the shots and angles as they unfold, which is much more natural, and closer in feel to a regular dress rehearsal. It lead to much bending, stretching, stooping, sitting and laying down on the job.

With the front row of seats so close to the performers, any slightly wider shot could easily include them. I tried to minimise their ingress into the frame and where they did sneak in I cropped them back out in post production. I did take some liberties with angles, shooting through the set on a few occasions from the wings for better alignment of the actors. This gives an impossible audience perspective of course, but if it works, it’s in. I also tended to shoot slightly wider than normal, electing to do some recomposing and tighter cropping in post.

Many thanks to Caitlin, Ben, Hannah and the cast.

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