What’s in a name?

It’s not that often that I cover two rehearsals in one day, but I did just that earlier this week for Brokenville and The Nose Logistics apart, fully charged batteries, plenty of memory cards, time to travel between venues, etc the main thing for me is the naming of the image files. As you’ll soon observe from looking through and of the galleries I use a very simple naming convention for all my pix, facilitated by the LightRoom import process. It’s simply date-sequence number, e.g. 20110616-101. By this means I can immediately pinpoint when any old photo was taken, which can help with retrieval, possibly years & thousands of pix, later.

Each new job gets its own directory in the current month directory, in the current year directory, e.g. 2011->june->brokenville. I usually tell LR to start the sequence number at 100 for each job, so to avoid duplicate numbers by having two jobs on the same day I’ve started the second job at 1000. This of course is for human consumption, LR doesn’t care about identical file names as long as the images are in different directories.

When the final set of images are exported from LR ready for display I will sometimes use the LR facility to re-sequence them to give a new contiguous range of numbers, starting well above the initial set.

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