Jobs’ lasting legacy

I, like so many others, was deeply saddened to hear of the untimely death of Steve Jobs of Apple. I read of it on an iPad, just as I am writing these words on one. All of the thousands of stage and theatre images that I have taken have been processed on Apple iMacs or MacBooks and if I text or telephone you then it will be on an iPhone.

Yes, I confess that probably makes me an Apple and Jobsian fan-boy, but then I’ve had over thirty years of inculcation. A 48K Apple ][ running UCSD Pascal kicked things off in 1980, crunching numbers in my own ANOVA and t-test programs. I had one of the first Macintosh computers next, in 1984, with 128K RAM (yes, younger reader, that is K for kilobyte), before going on, the following year, to use a Lisa II to develop software for Macintosh. And so over the next two decades, I observed through their range of products, the vagaries of Apple success (and otherwise), culminating in Jobs providing the creative conduit for Jony Ive’s design genius. I am confident that the Jobsian prescience will continue, providing us with deeply desirable, useable and tactile products for decades to come.

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