Photosmith V2

I have just installed the new V2 upgrade of Photosmith on my iPad. For me the most useful feature will be the two way sync, allowing the publishing of a set of images from Lightroom to the iPad and then the return sync of revised meta-data back into Lightroom.

This means I can dump a set of images to the iPad, review them and select the Gallery-worth ones where ever I am. Then, on re-syncing to Lightroom the master catalogue is updated with the selected images.

A quick test I did at the weekend with 500 images worked well, but an attempt to do it for real with a set of 750 pix from the dress rehearsal of ‘Kiss of the Spiderwoman’ failed. That needs a bit of investigation but I suspect the iPad may have locked itself in mid transfer.

Once working properly this promises to offer great flexibility in the Lightroom workflow.

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