Hints and tips: Post processing 2

The candidate images to make it through to the final gallery and post processing were identified and marked in part one. The next step I take is to look for a typical image to which a few fundamental settings can be applied. The tweaks are usually centred on noise reduction and sharpness and possibly colour balance, exposure and contrast. What I’m looking to achieve is a baseline set of attributes that will improve all the selected images. Once I am satisfied with the appearance of the sample image then Lightroom makes it very simple to apply the settings to all the other chosen images.

The homogeneity of the selected images greatly affects the number and strength of the settings that can be tweaked. With consistent lighting levels across all the acts then the settings will be appropriate for all images. That doesn’t happen very often and would probably make for a very bland production. What usually happens therefore is that I shall repeat the above process for subsets of the selected pix that have a common lighting regime.

Having made as many core changes as possible, in the next step I finally start to examine the images individually.

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