Fuji X-T1 field work

As the purveyor of all things darkling it is rare to venture into the light but occasionally it happens. This weekend I walked near water with an odd mix of gear. There was the newly acquired Fuji X-T1, a purchase threatened in a recent post and subsequently executed. The glass was the odd thing. A thirty five year old Nikkor f2.5 105mm manual focus lens fitted via a Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter. So you have the equivalent of around 158mm tele on an FX body. Age and idiosyncratic adapter aside, they did manage to capture this of a lake side indigent.

That’s at 1600 ISO 1/680 second and an aperture  of (I’m guessing) around f5.6. The adapter countenances no electronic connection to the body so no f-stop is recorded in the exif data. With the Fuji you can however manually set the focal length, so that is transferred along with the shutter speed. Manual or aperture priority metering is of course the order of the day, with the aperture actually stopping down as you twist the ring. By the wonders of the electronic viewfinder on the X-T1 the image still remains visible, if a tad grainy on smaller apertures.

Back in the electronic world I snapped these two with the Fuji Xf56mm and the 16mm Fujifilm Macro Extension Tube  (MCEX-16). 1600 ISO, 1/600 second at f8. Limited depth of field, blowing flowers and unsteady hand all contribute to less than stellar sharpness. I must get out more.