Going over

I have made the switch. My Nikon gear has gone, replaced by a Fujifilm X-T2 which has just joined its older sibling, the X-T1. I’ve shot a few tests with it and a serious job too. I’m very pleased with the results and continue to marvel at how little post processing is required from the image files. I have had my Nissin i40 upgraded by Steve at Kenro Ltd and all the manual flash triggers and gear from Cactus, Godox and Yongnuo  all seem fine. Just as well I’m not relying on Fujifilm to bring out their own dedicated flash gun… My outstanding gripe at the moment however, is the complete absence of tethered support! As it says on the Fujifilm website:

***Remote shooting with USB and Wi-Fi connectivity will be supported in a future firmware update.

So to keep me calm I like to contemplate this image of Ullswater, taken on the X-T2, just days after it arrived.