This page will tell you a little about Darkling Images and its origins. The site evolved from a series of theatre photography workshops with the same name. These were lead by Peter to give participants a feel for elements of shooting the performance of a play in very  low-light conditions; following a brief for doing promotional photographs for a touring production and learning some appropriate post-production techniques.

Peter’s love of theatre began with a visit to the West End to see a production of Equus in the 1970s. His first commission in  theatre photography followed almost immediately, when asked to photograph Arden of Faversham. Achieving his NCTJ qualification in press photography in 1979, Peter has been photographing all types of theatrical productions ever since, and unsurprisingly considers low-light work a speciality.  Peter is very used to working closely with directors, actors and production staff from the earliest experimental phases right through to curtain up on the first night.

Peter would be delighted to apply his extensive experience to your productions at any or all stages of development. This could be for early promotional images for posters, flyers, the media and actors’ head-shots through to capturing rehearsals or the performance itself. Do not hesitate to get in contact to find out more about how we can help with your productions.

If you’d like to do your own production photography but are unsure on the best way to proceed then Peter is also happy to advice you on equipment and techniques. For other areas of photography then we suggest that you pop over to the ashmorevisuals sister site. The link for which you will see in the Connections box on the right.