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Gwyneth with tethered Fujifilm X-T1

Take lots of pix to improve your photography skills. That’s axiomatic and applies to most things. Practice lighting and camera angles in advance to know how gear will behave on assignment. For portraits and headshots you […]

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Lastolite Hotrod Octa 90cm softbox tip

I have been a fan of Lastolite photographic products for a long time and, by coincidence, live not far from their Leicestershire facilities in Coalville and Ashby-de-la-Zouch. My oldest reflector, dating from the mid 80s, may […]

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Ready for your close up?

Whilst helping out a friend with some close up photography recently it occurred to me that the key points might well benefit others, especially when doing shots of small products and items for on-line auction […]

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Selection process for Vinegar Tom

Here’s a snap of the screen showing many of the pix from the recent shoot of Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill. The final images have been flagged and undergone some Split toning post processing and […]

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Twin lens reflects

For a while now I’ve been using two bodies when doing production photography. One with an 28-70mm lens, the other with 70-200mm. This allows near instant switching of angles from stage-wide to actor close-up. Here […]

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Sidecar syncing

I usually post process images on the iMac in my study or in the field on a MacBook. Occasionally I need to begin the process on one machine and finish it on the other. Exporting […]

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Hint and tips: Post processing 1

The first stage of post processing for me, is to identify the pix that I want to do further work on and are candidates to make it through to the final gallery on this site. […]

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Hints and tips: on the spot exposure

I’ve just shot the dress rehearsal for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. This was a brightly lit show, which was a nice  change for me. However, there was also extensive use of following spots which […]

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Hints and tips: exposure

I begin with my usual comment that you can find more than you need about photographic exposure (luminance, incident light readings, exposure values, 18% reflectance, grey cards, the zone system…, HDR, etc. etc.) on the […]

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Hints and tips: Composition

There is a lot of well tried advise on composition in art and photography available on the web and good ol’ printed material too. There is much to be learned from the classical artists regarding […]

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